Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Hot messsh...

Arriving at jury duty yesterday morning I saw something I hadn't seen since the 80's. A mesh top. Let me repeat...MESH TOP. There he was, dismounting a motorcycle in the jurors parking lot with nothing between me and his man-nipples but sheer nylon, majestically flapping in the breeze...

Mesh shirts are like Wonder Woman's invisible jet... we can *still see* the occupant. I am not sure what the purpose is here. Was an opaque shirt just too confining for him?

I wonder if it was vintage or if somewhere, someplace there still exists a small factory still churning these things out? The guy didn't actually have a mullet but I....I felt strongly that I should draw him with one. If you are gonna bring the thunder, you gotta bring the lightning along for the ride. SHA-ZAYUM!
I have constructed a handy chart that expresses my feelings on the return of this particular piece of fashion.

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