Friday, August 24, 2012


I got picked for jury duty. They didn't even give me a gavel, and nobody showed up in powdered wigs. I'm disappointed. Very.

Yes, here is a dinosaur made of lint

First post on this new blog! I'e got a few art blogs n such, but I've found my blog finger itching to post stuff non zbrush and 3d related. Now I have this spot to dump all my rough drawings, incoherent babblings and general hooliganism. Sweet, sweet randomness. Just like a toddler who keeps picking up various random sticky linty bits from the floor and handing them to you, over, and over, and over. Just politely smile and pretend to eat it....cmon, I'm just going to stand here with my hand out until you do! TAKE THEM! TAKE THE LINTY BITS!